Puffin Automation offers a range of proven machine vision based systems that can be configured to meet your needs. These systems have been deployed in some of the harshest environments and perform flawlessly 24/7.

Our products contain components and software from industry leading suppliers engineered to provide a robust, effective solution.


Verus 55

Verus 55

Watch a video of the Verus 55

High-Speed OCR Code Inspect

The Verus 55 is a Cognex-based OCR Code Inspection System with a built-in high-speed servo reject system. This system includes an In-Sight® 5600 series vision system from Cognex, which uses PatMax®, a patented geometric pattern-matching technology. In-Sight vision systems also offer the OCRMax optical character-reading tool, which identifies and reads the actual characters within the code. The inspection system uses a Rockwell Automation PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with accept/reject parameters programmed into it, and a Rockwell Automation-based servo reject kicker station, which removes improperly-printed cans from the line. The reject system is servo-based, allowing for much higher production rates than a pneumatic system.

This system was recognized by Design News Magazine as a 2012 Golden Mousetrap Award Finalist.


Eligo 1000

Eligo 1000

Watch a video of the Eligo 1000

High Speed Diverter

This high speed servo-based product diverter can be used to route, sort, divert and reject product from, or onto, conveyor systems.

The Eligo 1000 is a vast improvement over pneumatic-based systems because of it’s programmability, accuracy and repeatability. Speeds in excess of 1000 parts/minute can be achieved.



vision-connectCognex Insight GUI

Puffin Automation has developed a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Cognex InSight range of Machine Vision Sensors. This interface takes complex data captured by the machine vision sensors and displays it in an easy-to-understand format.

Our programmable interface helps you identify problems quickly, monitor trends, and improve your operations.

Would you like to make better use of your Cognex InSight data? Please contact us.