Custom Automation

Puffin believes Custom Automation should deliver a solution that is innovative, adaptable, cost effective, and solve specific application challenges. From the initial design concept to project commissioning, we believe in taking a proactive approach throughout, in which communication with our customers is key to ensure we deliver a solution that is right for them.

Our highly qualified and experienced team has the skill and knowledge to engineer and develop exactly what is required.  We offer a full range of services spanning the entire project life cycle, including concept development, prototype construction and trials, machine design, build, installation and commissioning, full documentation packages, training and support.

Machine Vision

machine-vision-page-10State-of-the-art machine vision systems from Puffin Automation smooth the way for high-performance automation and ensure seamless and efficient production. The latest technologies help to optimize processes, significantly reduce costs and increase output.

We offer cost-effective solutions by clearly identifying our customers’ needs, adding value where possible and providing vision solutions that work accurately and reliably.

The vision engineers at Puffin Automation are equipped with multidisciplinary skills in optics, lighting design, cameras, software and automation. We offer custom vision solutions for simple or complex applications, from single camera to multi-camera systems.

Software and System Design

case-studies-page-9-image-1No matter how unique your project needs are, from simple to complex, we are committed to working with you to design and implement a custom control solution that will reduce your costs and give your project the measurable value it needs to be successful.

Puffin uses the latest proven, reliable hardware and software programming tools, which help us to offer new and innovative ways to approach your automation and control project. Our experience with machine vision, PLC’s, integrated and component motion control, operator workstations, machine safety, specification development, prototyping and other automated solutions will be put to work for you. Coupled with our experience in many different industries, we have the knowledge and skill to apply software and design tools to develop successful solutions for your automation needs.

Motion Control

custom-automation-panel-croppedIf you need to increase your application’s reliability, repeatability, accuracy and throughput, motion control may be the answer you’re looking for. Whether you need a fully-integrated motion control solution which incorporates networked drives, full safety interlocking protection as well as easy setup and maintenance, or a simple component level motion package, we have the skill and experience to turn your requirements into cost effective solutions.