Project: High-Speed Product Diverter

Eligo 1000

The Eligo 1000

Case Study: Custom Automation

A food processor was having a problem with food cans arriving at the labeling station upside down. Their sorting system was unreliable, and required frequent and numerous adjustments. By the time the operators noticed an adjustment was needed, hundreds of cans were already on pallets at the labeling station.


Cans arrive at the labeling station on pallets of 200+ cans per layer. Upside-down cans were mixed in with right-side-up, and distributed throughout the entire pallet layer. Uprighting cans one at a time was very costly, as was removing and relabeling. All cans needed to arrive at the station ready for labeling.

Eligo 1000

Video of the High-Speed Diverter

Watch a video of the Eligo 1000

Watch a video of the Eligo 1000


Puffin Automation designed a High-Speed Product Diverter, the Eligo 1000, that uses a combination of a Cognex InSight Machine Vision Sensor, and an Allen-Bradley Servo Motor.

How it Works

All cans have code printed on the bottom of the can. The machine vision sensor detects when a can is upside down based upon code print presence or absence. If a code is not present, the servo motor diverts it to another line. Upside-down cans are then flipped and diverted back into the regular production line. This system is capable of processing cans at a rate of 1000 cans/minute with 100% accuracy.